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My darling llasa meesha, Chelsea, was diagnosed by a vet as having dog allergies. He prescribed pills and shots to stop the dog itching, but that just didn't help. I have never written a testimonial for a product before, but I am so greatful for Allergy Itch Ease saving my beloved Chelsea's life, I felt compelled to post this in an effort to help others. If you have a dog that is itching and scratching himself to near death due to allergies, please read on.

I'm a 35 year-old wife and mother of two girls and our dog Chelsea is the baby of the family. We live in Joliet, IL where I work as a pharmacist. A little over a year ago, our beloved Chelsea began itching and scratching so bad that she had lost most of her fur and she would bite her paws until they bled.

Our first thoughts were that she had fleas, but after we inspected her, we found no signs of fleas or any other type of parasite. Since we knew it wasn't fleas, we suspected that she had mange, so I took her to our vet. To make a long story short, over the course of the next couple of months we took Chelsea to the vet 3 times before he finally ran an allergy test and diagnosed her with skin allergies. During that time he gave us antibiotics to prevent infections, ointment to help heal the sores, and pills to stop dog itching.

Now, in addition to the antibiotics and ointment, we had to give Chelsea allergy shots. After nearly two months of the shots, she was showing no signs of improvement. To make matters worse, she now had a terrible case of diarrhea and would vomit frequently. Our vet bill now exceeded well over a thousand dollars and we were at our wit's end.

I finally decided to do some research on the Internet to see if I could find a better solution. I read an account of a woman who had gone through alot of the same things we did in regards to dog allergies, and decided to take her advice and try a homeopathic approach. I ordered 3 bottles of Allergy Itch Ease (got one bottle free) and was amazed by the results.

Chelsea had stopped scratching within the first 24 hours! It's now been 3 months and as you can see by the picture, she has grown all her fur back. She is more playful than ever and is back to chasing the girls around the house.

If you want to stop dog itching, I stongly recommend you try the Allergy Itch Ease. Take it from someone who is more than thrilled with the results of this product. It literally saved our Chelsea's life!